Video of How to Wax a Treadmill Using Powder Wax

This video shows how to wax your treadmill belt and deck using powder wax.

Supplies Needed:


To properly lubricate or wax your belt and deck you will first need to clean the deck and belt to remove any contaminants.

  • Begin by loosening the rear roller bolts 10 turns as seen in the video. It is best to loosen each side 5 turns and then repeat the process.
  • Now that the belt is loose you can take an old towel and place it under the belt as shown in the video.
  • Move the towel up and down the deck.
  • Using your hands, pull the belt around halfway to ensure you have completely cleaned the back of the belt.
  • Remove the towel.
  • Now that the belt and deck have been cleaned; Open your bag of wax.
  • Use about a teaspoon and place the wax on the deck, as seen in the video.
  • Repeat the process on the opposite side.


Be sure to wipe up any excess wax as it is very slick!


  • Use your hand to move the belt around some more to begin spreading the wax across the surface.
  • Tighten the rear roller bolts back to the exact amount of turns they were loosened.
  • Remember to tighten only halfway on each side, then repeat the process.
  • Power on and start the machine and let it run slowly for a few seconds to make sure the belt is staying aligned in the center of the deck area.
  • If it is not centered correctly, make minor adjustments to correct the issue.
  • Tighten the left bolt to move the belt to the right.
  • Tighten the right bolt to move the belt to the left.
  • Walk on the belt for a minute or so to fully distribute the lubricant.

This concludes today's demonstration of how to wax a treadmill using powder wax.

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