Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle Display Calibration Video

Our video demonstrates how to calibrate the Keiser M3 bike computer. This procedure uses the red calibration tool.

Click here for instructions on calibration without a calibration tool.



This process applies to software versions U406 and above.


This process must be completed in twenty-five seconds. If the process times out the display will exit calibration.


To begin move the handle all the way down.

  • With a blank screen on the display rotate the pedals until the display wakes up and displays zeros on the "time" line
  • Continue to rotate the pedals exactly one-half turn after it wakes up
  • Place the tool on the flywheel with the cutout on the top
  • Slide the tool around the flywheel until the magnet can align with the cutout on the tool
  • Spin the magnet housing counter-clockwise as far as possible then release it
  • The magnet should rotate into the calibration tool, as shown in the video
  • Slide the calibration tool down the flywheel and remove it
  • Rotate the pedal until a 1 shows on the display under "time"
  • After the 1 shows in the "time" line turn the pedals one half turn
  • Twist and release the magnet housing completely five times to save the calibration
  • At this point, you should see CAL'B on your display which means calibration was successful
  • After the display is blank you should be able to resume normal use of your indoor cycle


If you receive an error code during calibration you will need to restart from the beginning


This concludes the demonstration on calibrating the display of a Keiser M3 indoor cycle.

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