Cybex 530T Pro+ Elevation Motor Replacement Procedure

Learn how to perform an Elevation Motor Replacement and Elevation Calibration on a Cybex 530T Pro+ treadmill.


Tools Required:

Phillips Screwdriver

(2) Wooden blocks  4” (10 cm) tall

9/16” Open-end Wrench

9/16” Socket Wrench



1. Disconnect the external power source:

  • Turn the main power switch on the left side to the "off" position
  • Unplug the treadmill from the power outlet

2. Remove the motor cover:

  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen three screws on each motor cover side (left and right)
  • Lift the motor cover center up and off the treadmill. The screws will stay in place

3. Place wooden blocks under the frame to remove the weight from the elevation assembly:

CAUTION: A minimum of two people will be required to properly lift the treadmill. Always use proper lifting methods when moving heavy items.

  • While two people are lifting the front of the treadmill, have a third person place a wooden block under each side of the frame to support the front end of the treadmill

4. Disconnect the elevation motor cable:

WARNING: Do not touch components on the lower board. A charge can remain after unplugging
the power cord and turning off the treadmill.

  • Pull up on the lower board shield. It will snap out
  • Disconnect the elevation motor cable from the lower board and remove it from the wire tie

5. Remove the elevation motor:

  • Using a 9/16” open-end wrench and a 9/16” socket wrench, remove one of the bolts on the elevation motor
  • Loosen and remove the nut from the second bolt on the elevation motor, but do not remove the bolt
    • While holding the Elevation motor with one hand remove the second bolt carefully to prevent dropping the motor
  • Carefully lift and remove the elevation motor from the treadmill

6. Install and Calibrate the elevation motor:

  • Carefully place the elevation motor in position on the treadmill
  • Slide the upper bolt into the frame and elevation motor and thread the nut onto the top bolt

NOTE: When viewing from the front of the unit the top bolt goes from the right to the left.

  • Using a 9/16” open-end wrench and a 9/16” socket wrench, securely tighten the top mounting bolt and nut
  • Connect the elevation motor cable to the lower board

NOTE: The board is labeled "P3" at the elevation port. The connector can only fit in one direction.

  • Connect the main power cord to the power outlet and turn the power switch to the "on" position

NOTE: Wait for the elevation tube to turn and find the zero position.

  • Once the motor stops, turn the tube with your fingers until it measures 12.5” (31.8 cm) from the center of the top hole to the center of the bottom hole
  • Slide the bottom mounting bolt into the frame and elevation tube

NOTE: When viewing from the front of the unit the bottom bolt goes from the left to the right.

  • Using a 9/16” open-end wrench and a 9/16” socket wrench, securely tighten the lower mounting nut and bolt
  • Place the lower board shield in position and push the clips down, they should snap in place
  • Tie the elevation cable with the wire tie so that it is clear of the motor fan. Be sure no wires can get pinched

7. Test the elevation motor:

  • Start the treadmill in Manual Mode and raise the elevation to 6%
  • Carefully remove the wooden blocks with help from one or more extra people (as mentioned in step three)
  • Lower the elevation to zero percent
  • Stop the treadmill and turn the main power switch in the front panel to the off position

8. Install the motor cover:

  • Lower the motor cover center into position
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, tighten the three screws on each side

NOTE: Be sure the screws are catching the center motor cover’s holes


This completes the procedure.

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